The Fish Map is our longer time research that we join in collaborations with various organizations and institutions: Umbria Region, Perugia Province, Terni Province, local police, ARPA Umbria, Perugia University.


The Fish Map analyzes the status of the fish in inland waters, with the aim of reaching a rational management of the freshwater fish species. A rational management is an approach based on technical-scientific valuations that can be tested and improved over time. The main aim of a fish map is the planning of fishing activities. The populations monitored are the fish communities of inland waters.
The first Fish Maps were made in Italy since the early '80s, with the increasing awareness on the degradation of aquatic ecosystems. In those years it became clear the need to conserve fish stocks by the impact of various factors resulting from the human activities. The management of aquatic ecosystem comprise environmental aspects of different types: hydrology, land use, water quality, etc. ... According to this the Fish Map can be considered an integrated tool for land management (AIIAD, 1990).


The results of the research have been printed by the Umbria Region and are also available in pdf format and downloadable from the site of the Region. In 2010 a summary volume entitled: "The fish fauna and waterways of Umbria" was published. Although this book may be requested and / or downloaded in pdf format.