Terni Provincial Administration – Fish laboratory of Terria

Our collaboration with the Fish Laboratory of Terria are numerous and started in 1994 with the first surveys for the recovery of the Mediterranean brown trout. Currently the most recent collaborations with the structure and personnel of Terria laboratory include, in addition to the Fish Map of Umbria region, researches on identification and recognition of native barbel of Paglia river; estimation of the minimum flow rate of Paglia river basin; monitoring the No-Kill section of Nera river; monitoring of Piediluco lake and Corbara reservoir; application of the WFD 2000/60 to the lakes and rivers of Umbria using fish as environmental indicators; recovery and conservation of populations of crayfish in the territory of Terni Province. We also take part in the environmental educational activities of the Terria laboratory.
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Pesaro -Urbino Provincial Administration- Fish farm of Cantiano

Our collaborations with the fish farm of Cantiano started in 2007 with the management applications of Provincial Fish Map. Then a project on the recovery of Mediterrian brown trout was undertaken, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche and the Sibillini National Park.
Recently a research on the distribution, abundance and conservation status of the bullhead in the waterways of Pesaro-Urbino province was concluded with the elaboration of a technical report showing the results obtained

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Perugia Provincial Administration – Trasimeno lake fish farm

Our collaborations with the Trasimeno lake provincial fish farm located in S. Arcangelo, in addition to the development of the Fish Map, are focused mainly on Trasimeno Lake and deal with analyzing the biological characteristics of fish species, the impact of exotic species, the evolution of fish, fisheries biology, the evolution of catch and effort fisheries of Trasimeno lake and implementation of the WFD 2000/60 to Umbrian lakes and rivers through the use of fish as environmental indicators.
In the past we joined other research with the staff of Trasimeno lake provincial fish farm focused on the monitoring of the No Kill section of Nera river; a project for a preliminary breeding and restocking of pike in selected sites by using native breeding and the development of a protocol for the use of electro-fishing on Trasimeno Lake.
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